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Public Health Ethics

Selected papers:

Benatar S R. Public Health and Public Health Ethics. 
Acta Bioethica, 2003; 9: (2) 195-207 

Benatar S R. Facing ethical challenges in rolling-out antiretroviral treatment in resource 
poor settings
: Comment on ‘They call it patient selection in Khayelitsha.’ Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics. 2006: 15: 322-330 

Benatar S R, Upshur R. Dual loyalty of physicians in the military context and in civilian life.
American Journal of Public Health. 2008: 98 (12) 2181-2187

Nixon S, Benatar S. Critical public health ethics analysis of Canada’s international response to HIV
 Global Public Health. 2011; 6 (7): 777-793